Communication and Information

Staying connected with events and people in Sheffield and getting timely, practical information to manage life and meet personal needs is essential for active ageing.

Many everyday situations now require people to have the ability to connect digitally through online portals. From checking bus timetables to claiming Universal Credit, booking holidays or reordering medication, increasingly those who do not have the skills or are unable to get online may struggle to feel connected. This disproportionally impacts older adults who increasingly find themselves at a disadvantage. An age friendly city looks at ways to bridge the digital divide while ensuring that information about its services and amenities is readily available to all citizens in formats they can use.   

Zoom Room

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Sofeena Aslam from A Better Life tells us how she was determined to tackle digital exclusion in her community and get a group of older Asian women online exercising together during the second lockdown.

Smart Phones Smart Friends

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Smart Phone Smart Friends supported older people from the Chinese community to learn to use digital technology.

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