100 Sheffield Voices

As we come out of the pandemic, Age-friendly Sheffield offers a unique opportunity to rethink how citizens and communities play an active role in what Sheffield needs to best support its people. So, we have embarked on a mission of asking 100 people what an Age-friendly Sheffield looks like to them.

Through 100 Voices we are speaking to 100 people and listening to their experiences of growing up and growing older in Sheffield. You can be part of this conversation by taking this short survey here.

We’ve spoken to people from the ages of 3 to 101. Young people in the park told us about the kind of city they want to grow up in. People in the city centre and people who are living in sheltered housing have talked to us about what an age-friendly city means to them.

Through these conversations we have reflected on Sheffield’s 8 priority areas set out in the local plan.

Some of Sheffield’s thoughts…

“I feel respected in Sheffield, I work in a pub and see a lot of people coming in and they respect me. They seem interested in me and my country (Lithuania).” Rapalos, 21

“I want the world to stop cutting down trees.’ Kaya, 6

“I can’t walk very well, and if you’re down Fargate end there’s a long way to walk for the bus.” Barbra, 74

Why are we gathering 100 voices?

We want people to have a genuinely meaningful experience of Sheffield as an age-friendly city, and for everyone in Sheffield to understand what this means for them. This means people co-producing an Age-friendly Sheffield. And we still need to hear from you. Join 100 voices and have your say in the form below.

Have your say and become part of the 100 Voices Collective

We would like to hear from you too. Please have your say. We are keen to hear from voices across all age groups, younger and older, and from a variety of community settings so that we can represent the full spectrum of people that live, work, and grow older in Sheffield.

  • Support us in building an Age-friendly Sheffield by telling us about your experiences and desires living in Sheffield whist you age. Anything from transport and housing, to feeling connected to your community and the city.