Respect and Social Inclusion

Sheffield should be a place where everyone feels respected and included.

An age-friendly city ensures that its citizens are valued and included, but many older people struggle with the sense that they are not valued as they age. Those who are no longer working may find themselves experiencing financial hardship which in turn leads to social exclusion as they discover they cannot afford the cost of many social activities. Age Better focused on ways of helping older people live betterreconnect with the things they enjoy and build self-esteem.

Live Better: Get Connected Project

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Exploring the relationship between financial exclusion, loneliness and social isolation in older people.

Financial Deprivation and Loneliness

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Some people who experience loneliness and isolation also have financial difficulties, although the relationship between them isn’t a simple one. This digest shares our learning so far, including learning about how to make services inclusive for people experiencing financial hardship.

BAME involvement and experience – what have we learnt?

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This deep dive report was written by our evaluative partners CRESR and shares key recommendations and lessons that we have learnt throughout our work with racially and ethnically diverse communities.

The below video is of Lewis and John who led on our Live Better: Get Connected project, and members of the community expert group. This video is a great example of how civic participation can support people with feeling respected and included.