Meet Stephen

Stephen is a yoga teacher, mindfulness coach, NLP practitioner, and self-defence instructor and lockdown hasn't stopped him! He has been hosting live zoom classes and uploading video lessons to his YouTube channel on a weekly basis.

Chi Living is the wellbeing project of Stephen Smith. Stephen’s classes are attended by people from a wide range of backgrounds and cater for different abilities. Some of the classes are designed for students wishing to extend their yoga practice, whilst other are more suitable for novice students.

Stephen made the decision, a week before lockdown, to stop face-to-face classes. However, he wasted no time in moving his classes online. Having already posted a couple of videos to his YouTube channel, he committed to posting a new video, ranging from 20 minutes to an hour, every day, alongside live zoom classes 3 times a week. Whilst these online classes were all free, Stephen got great satisfaction out of helping people through lockdown and introducing lots of new people to yoga. Stephen’s creativity and selflessness has inspired connections amongst his usual clients as well as all the new  people who now have access to his brilliant yoga videos. 

“Although it was tough at the start, as this is my job, it has actually turned out to be a wonderful silver lining to a very challenging time. There are people who never would have accessed my classes who are now watching them online – one woman, who lives in Portugal,  is doing my online classes and sends me photos of herself doing them for feedback on her poses!”

“Another amazing thing to come out of putting my videos online, is the community that has developed. I created a WhatsApp group to keep people updated on classes and it’s become a platform where people, who have never met, chat and support each other. Even if we go back to normality tomorrow, I will keep my YouTube channel going and keep the WhatsApp group active.”

Stephen invites you to have a go at one (or more!) of his classes which can be found here.