WHO Age-friendly Cities and Communities

Age-friendly Cities and Communities is a World Health Organisation (WHO) initiative launched in 2006. The initiative aims to drive local cities and communities to foster and support active and healthy ageing. The Age-friendly Cities network spans across the globe and incorporates 40 UK towns and cities. 

We are proud to be a member of the global WHO Age-friendly Cities and Communities networkAge-friendly Cities and Communities is a World Health Organisation initiative launched in 2006. The initiative aims to encourage local cities and communities to foster and support active and healthy ageing. The Age-friendly Cities and Communities network now consists of hundreds of members from across the globe and 45 in the UK. 

The Centre for Ageing Better outlines Age-friendly Communities framework: 

“The Age-friendly Communities framework includes 8 domains, or areas, that places can address to improve their structures and services to meet older people’s needs and all off us as we age. The 8 domains of age-friendly are all the aspects of community life that need to be considered when making your plans.”

Taking an Active Ageing approach – adding ‘life to years’

In his blog titled ‘From amelioration to transformative policy making’ Age Better in Sheffield Core Partner Tony Maltby Ph.D sets out the case for, and importance of ‘active ageing’ and how it can be delivered through an age-friendly approach. The blog provides links to policies and documents that have guided our journey for Sheffield to become an age-friendly city.

Age-friendly South Yorkshire network

We are proud to be a part of such a large network of like-minded cities and communities, however, we are particularly proud to have created our own local Age-friendly South Yorkshire network with Age-friendly Rotherham, Age-friendly Barnsley and Age-friendly Doncaster. This partnership has proven that strength in numbers increases influence, reduces duplication of work and allows for knowledge and best practice sharing.

Current members include: 

  • Chris Booth – Barnsley Council 
  • Jane Holliday – CEO AGE UK Barnsley 
  • Clare Batty – Development Officer – AGE UK Doncaster
  • Louise Robson – Doncaster Council 
  • Iain Cloke – Development Officer – AGE UK Rotherham 
  • Edyta Bancer – Age Better in Sheffield 
  • Paul Woodhouse – Age Better in Sheffield