Meet Pam

When she's not wandering about in beautiful nature on her doorstep, Pam works as a Health Improvement Manager in Sheffield. During lockdown Pam has been working in completely different ways to normal, and been embracing a slower pace of life outside of work.

We first met Pam a few years ago when we worked together on our Beauchief and Greenhill Neighbourhood Toolkit. We were blown away by her passion and her work out in the community with people aged 50 and over. Normally Pam is based at The Terminus Cafe and she leads on a huge number of projects which support people to live independently, stay well, and find connection with others. One of our favourite memories with Pam was making home-made bread and butternut squash soup in a cosy community centre with lots of people who otherwise would have been on their own.

Since March Pam’s working and personal life has looked very different to normal…

“Professionally the last few months have been challenging, I’ve been working from my kitchen table and we’ve had to adapt the way we do things to keep supporting people. We’ve done all sorts of activity packs, online activities, and we’ve spoken to everyone on the phone at least once a week.

In my personal life I’ve loved embracing nature. I’ve been going out and noticing the seasons change around my home, and up at Padley Gorge too. I never used to sit at home and relax, but since March I’ve been doing that for the first time ever! I’ve slowed down and it’s been lovely to thrive in this way.”