Meet Rob – founder of the U3A e-bike group

In 3 videos, Rob tells us about his U3A e-bike group, the advantages of e-bikes and why “cycling is for everybody - all shapes, all sizes, all colours, all types all varieties".

Robert hasn’t always been a keen cyclist, cycling for the first time in his 30s with work colleagues. He only properly took it up when his daughter got a bike and he couldn’t keep up with her – he hasn’t looked back since and has now been cycling for 14 years!

After a trip to the South of France, Robert discovered e-bikes after watching a group of cyclists tackle a steep hill with ease. Having hired them in France and loving it, he bought one for himself when back in Sheffield. After discovering there were no e-bike groups in Sheffield, Robert contacted the U3A and requested to set one up –  they have been operating for about 18 months with about 18 members.

He is a strong believer that cycling is for everyone and that you are never too old to cycle!

Meet Rob

In this video, Rob introduces himself and talks about the Sheffield U3A e-bike group he founded. The group has about 18 members and meet once a month on a Friday to cycle, ‘have a natter, have a coffee’ and enjoy themselves.

Rob talks e-bikes

Rob shows us his e-bike and talks through the advantages of these hybrid bikes.

Why cycling is for everyone

Rob tells us why cycling is for everyone, including his daughter, who has special needs, who learnt to ride a bike when she was 19 and loves it!