About the Campaign

Welcome to Age Better in Sheffield’s cycling campaign, inspiring people aged 50 and over in Sheffield to embrace active travel!

Sheffield is known for its rural, outdoor character – hence it’s name The Outdoor City. However, despite it’s beauty, it’s hills and city culture come with obstacles to many who want to enjoy it. Cycling has countless benefits to our physical and mental wellbeing, but we know that not everyone has the confidence to ride a bike or has access to a bike. The aim of this campaign is, simply, to encourage as many people in Sheffield to give cycling a go!

Age Better is Sheffield is honoured to be leading the pathway to Sheffield becoming an Age-Friendly City. The World Health Organisation’s Age-Friendly model incorporates 8 domains through which cities can meet the needs of people of all ages, one of these domains is transport. Our vision for an Age-Friendly Sheffield is a Sheffield in which everyone feels they have the resources to safely and confidently cycle round our wonderful city.

We will be sharing resources, tips and guidance on Sheffield’s cycling schemes, services and shops, podcasts with cycling enthusiasts and novices, stories from Sheffield’s 50+ cyclists, photos and videos of people on their bikes, and a chance to win a £250 bike voucher!