Stronger Together: A Co-production Webinar series with the Ageing Better Programme

Ageing Better programme partners have come together to showcase our learning through a webinar series on Co-Production. We want to inspire others to use the principles of co-production to work collaboratively to achieve a collective aim.

Co-production is embedded within every aspect of our programme, from commissioning through to design, delivery, governance, and evaluation. We have stepped away from the approach of “doing to” and “doing for” and dedicated our work to “doing with” the people within our communities who have lived experience. 14 partner areas have undertaken this test and learn approach across England over the span of 6 years, so we have a lots of valuable learning to share.

Over 60 Ageing Better partner representatives from across our network have joined up to develop a national toolkit which will bring our knowledge and experience to life. We wanted to create something unique and special under one platform, so that we can share all that we know with you; the inspirational stories, our volunteer and participant perspectives, the “how to”, the “why nots” and the “what for”, as well as addressing the challenges and how we have managed to overcome them.

Whether you are a funder, a commissioner, a policy maker, a service provider, or a community group, as part of our legacy, we hope to see our learning being used for further development of co-production in practice.  The Ageing Better programme is invested in the development of co-production, and we hope to inspire as many people as possible to do the same. We want to encourage genuine conversations about co-production and how it can help us appreciate and show value to the communities we live and work in. We know that we have been much stronger together, and our whole is much greater than the sum of our parts.

Join us as we kick start our Stronger Together programme with an engaging and impactful webinar series, starting on the 9th February with an introductory session to our approach and a flavour of what’s to come…

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Our toolkit will be launched at a festival of co-production learning during April & May 21; during a 3 week programme of workshops, to help tell our stories and impart our knowledge we have created this webinar series as a run up to that event. We hope that this diverse range of interactive Ageing Better partner sessions, each around only 50 minutes long will whet your appetite. We have an inspiring and engaging line up in store.

Ageing Better is a National Lottery Community Funded programme, with 14 area programmes across the nation tackling social isolation amongst the over 50s.

If you have any further questions about the webinars (for example, if you can’t make the date and time and would like to sign up for the recording) or the toolkit, please get in touch with Vicky at