#1 A reflection on the year

We're kickstarting our new 12 month blog series celebrating the first year of our latest projects!

Over the next 12 months we’ll be sharing lots of blog posts where you’ll meet some fantastic older people, hear from experts across our city, find out more about coproduction and lots more!  

This first post in our 12 month blog series is celebrating a year of exciting work in the second phase of Age Better in Sheffield. And what a year it’s been!  

Lots of you will know that when we reached the midway point of our 6 year programme we decided to look at ways we could continue innovating our offer for people aged 50 and older in Sheffield. 

After a number of melting pot lunches, chats, and coproduction sessions, we commissioned and then launched our brand new projects based on what older people in Sheffield have told us is important to them. We’ve loved seeing each of the projects go from strength to strength, and hearing how people have been empowered to start their own initiatives in their communities based on their experiences. 

Ahead of this post we chatted with a few of the people in our delivery partner organisations to hear their favourite moments from the past year. 

Alice from PWLC, who is working on Better Journeys (our project all around transport) told us: 

It was fabulous watching ladies at Stubbin Community Centre drooling over bus maps of our city, pointing out to each other where things were in Firth Park, and deciding to make a noticeboard. We’re looking forward to more community events over the summer. 

And Rebecca from SOAR Community, who is working on A Better Life (a project about financial inclusion) shared these reflections:  

“We have been busy setting up new activities and support in Burngreave, including a weekly benefits drop in session and fortnightly social group. Both of these services have been well attended by local residents, who have benefited from dedicated support from the Citizen’s Advice Bureau, and have enjoyed meeting new people (we’ve even had people enjoying a few dance and exercise sessions!). We’re looking forward to developing these services over the next few months, and can’t wait to see what kind of new activities come out of our group sessions.”

Ayishah, an attendee at the events hosted by A Better Life has found that group session like the ones Rebecca describes have really helped her feel more connected:

“I appreciate the support. I really enjoy coming to the group and getting out of the house.”