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100 Voices – Have your say!

Help take the conversation forward today by having your say, and co-producing an Age-friendly Sheffield. 

By Hannah Thornton · February 7, 2022

Be part of designing a city you’d be happy to grow older in and have your say with the 100 Voices survey today.

Age-friendly Sheffield is calling on the people of Sheffield to have their say and help design a city that they would be happy to grow older in through 100 Voices. 

Now in its final year of programmed activity, the legacy vision of Age-friendly Sheffield (formally Age Better in Sheffield) is for Sheffield to be a brilliant city for people of all ages to grow older in.  But what does that city look and feel like? 100 Voices aims to answer that very question. We are collecting videos, audio clips and survey responses relating to eight priority areas for the city, to inform the design of an Age-friendly Sheffield. Moving Age-friendly Sheffield from a conversation, to real tangible change for accessibility, space design, infrastructure, transport, health agendas, communities and the economy.

You can watch video clips of people from across Sheffield talking about what is important to them here.

The age-friendly agenda broadens the scope of the last six years of Ageing Better activity, which directly tackled loneliness and social isolation in people aged over 50 in the city.  Through 100 Voices it is hoped that age-friendly will connect with a much wider audience. 100 Voices is a vehicle through which Sheffield City Council and other important actors in the city, can listen to the voices of people who care about improving their city. 

The World Health Organisation describes age-friendly cities as inclusive cities, where people of all ages can actively participate in all aspects of civil life and where everyone is treated faulty regardless of their age. 

But what does age-friendly mean to the people of Sheffield? With a remit to collect 100 Voices to help answer this question, teams have been speaking to communities across the city and asking them what it means to be age-friendly. Specifically, conversations have focused on the eight domains of an Age-friendly Sheffield and Sheffield’s eight priorities as described in the draft Sheffield Plan.

Age Better in Sheffield was set up over six years ago to tackle loneliness and social isolation amongst people aged over 50 in Sheffield. One of 14 Ageing Better partnership areas across England, funded by The National Lottery Community Fund, the Sheffield programme has worked with hundreds of people, organisations and delivery partners to co-produce interventions and create long-term solutions to reduce loneliness. 

Help take the conversation forward today by having your say, and co-producing an Age-friendly Sheffield.