Co-production: Putting the people of Sheffield at the heart of decisions

Co-production has been at the heart of Age Better in Sheffield since its inception with the voices of older people involved within every aspect of our programme.

Co-producing with head and heart

We recognise that good, authentic and sustainable co-production requires time and the will to do it well. In this report we explore the challenges we’ve faced as well as celebrating the successes and rewards we have had in using co-production to underpin all elements of Age Better in Sheffield.

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At its core, co-production is about people coming together to find a shared solution, a meeting of hearts and minds.

Co-production has been at the heart of Age Better in Sheffield since its inception. Before any projects were commissioned work took place across the city to determine what older people wanted the programme to look like. Our delivery partners have taken forward this approach by finding innovative ways to involve project participants in aspects of co-design, co-delivery, co-governance and co-evaluation of their projects.

In the video below, Lewis and John are joined by some of their community experts (participants who have taken on a leading role in the design and delivery of the Live Better: Get Connected project).

Our Core Partnership, which acts as the board of directors for the programme, is itself an inspiring example of the benefits of co-governance. The various partners have embraced the principles of co-production by playing a central role in the design and commissioning of many of our projects and initiatives.   

Age Better in Sheffield are proud to have led on the national Ageing Better co-production toolkit. The 14 Ageing Better partners came together to share our collective experiences across the last 6 years. This extensive pack of stories, tools and resources can be found in a beautifully illustrated pdf.

Age Better in Sheffield’s theme is Creativity in Co-production, something which we are proud to showcase whether it relates to our Neighbourhood Toolkits or the work of delivery partners who have looked for innovative ways of co-producing with project beneficiaries. 

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