Time to Talk

We're supporting the national Time to Talk Day. Have a read to find out why!

Time to Talk Day is a brilliant campaign led by the mental health charity Time to Change.

The aim of the day is to kickstart lots of conversations about mental health, and this year’s theme is focusing on bringing together the right ingredients to have those all important conversations – ingredients such as biscuits, a non-judgmental environment, time, and plenty of cuppas.

But for many people in Sheffield, especially those aged 50 and over, the key ingredients for a conversation of any kind is missing.

They’re the ingredients that only another person can bring – a pair of listening ears, a pair of signing hands, a pair of kind eyes, the occasional understanding nods. Another beating heart.

So on this Time to Talk day we’d like to encourage everyone to share one of the best ingredients we have to help one another – ourselves.

If you suspect someone might be on their own, reaching out for a 10 minute chat can make all the difference. The biscuits are an added bonus!

You can find out more about our projects here and get in touch if you’d like to know more about how to get involved.