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The Age Friendly City Project – Working Group Four: “Let’s talk about ageism”

We're really excited to be inviting people who live in Sheffield (and are aged 50 and over) to take part in our latest age friendly working group. The time to have your say and share your experiences about ageism is here!

By Hannah Thornton · October 29, 2020

Ageism should have no place in an age friendly Sheffield, yet every day we hear, and possibly even use, words or expressions that denigrate older people. We have become very used to hearing about the “old and vulnerable” within the media, or that people beyond a certain age are a drain on resources and public money, that sometimes it can be hard to think that it could be possible to be proud and positive about growing older. As you might have guessed – we think very differently about that at Age Better in Sheffield!

Building on the experience and learning from three previous age friendly city working groups, the Lai Yin Association (who have been involved with Age Better in Sheffield from the start) are providing an open and safe space for people aged 50 and over to contribute to the fourth and final working group.

This is an opportunity for people over the age of 50 to share their own lived experiences of ageism, and help to start a city wide conversation about how to promote a positive view of both ageing and older people.

Lai Yin are working with us to encourage and recruit those who do not normally get the opportunity to have their say but who have valuable lived experience which can enrich and enliven the theme for working group four: Ending ageism and promoting active ageing in Sheffield.

Through three one and a half hour workshops, you will be able to explore how ageism and ageist language and media images negatively impact the lives of older people in Sheffield, and how together we can shape a campaign in Sheffield to change hearts and minds. The sessions will take place in late November and early December via Zoom, and ideally it would be great if particpants are able to be involved with each of the sessions. There will also be one further session in January to finalise the outcomes of the group.

This opportunity is for people over the age of 50 who have not previously engaged in discussions relating to the age friendly city project. The working group, along with Age Better in Sheffield’s marketing co-ordinator, will plan and develop content for an age positive media campaign which will take place in early 2021 – we’re really excited for this!

We’ll be welcoming people like Grace Stead from Enrichment for the Elderly in Sheffield to the workshops too, who will bring a whole host of knowledge, experience and passion on this topic. We will also be hoping to involve some of friends from the Leeds Age Friendly campaign, and Age Proud Bristol campaign (which saw bus adverts with well-known local older people championing the idea of taking pride in growing older!).

If this sounds like something you would like to be involved in we would love to hear from you. You can reach Pauline from the Lai Yin Association on 07771232613.