#CycleFriendlySheff podcasts

We have produced two bonus episodes for our #YourBestJourneys podcast series, created in partnership with our Better Journey project. Bluebell speaks to Gilli, who would like to start cycling but feels she lacks the confidence, and to Pam who is both an experienced cyclist and a trained bikeability instructor.

Bluebell has produced two bonus episodes of our Your Best Journeys podcast for our #CycleFriendlySheff campaign! Bluebell is a project coordinator at our Better Journeys project, a project supporting older people to do more of the things they love by increasing confidence making journeys across Sheffield. She chats to Gilli and Pam about their experiences of cycling.

Bluebell chats to Gilli about her worries and desires when it comes to cycling round Sheffield. Gill has always cycled but since moving to Sheffield, has found the prospect quite daunting due to the traffic and lack of cycle lanes. However, really misses cycling and is determined to get back into it! Listen here.



Pam has always been a keen cyclist, and in 2006, she trained as a bikeability cycling instructor, specialising in training adults – making her a pro of cycling in Sheffield! She talks to Bluebell about the role cycling plays in her life and the cycling schemes and resources in Sheffield. Listen here.


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